When the Kitterly Team sat down to talk about what we wanted to include in our Kit Club shipments we knew Madelinetosh Unicorn Tails were a must. The colors of Madelinetosh are so inspring that we decided to create an ombre effect with the varigated and the solid hues. Stripe your Fancy by Alex Tinsley quickly became the project of choice and we think the yarn and pattern are a match made in heaven!


To get the ombre effect we made a few changes to how the color is used within the design. Here is how we did it!


First we decided what color order we wanted. For this sample we used Cathedral, Coquette, Charcoal, Big Sur, Cousteau, and Pop Rocks, but you could do any order of colors you wanted. The sky is the limit!


We followed the pattern instructions when it came to where to change the color; the change we made is that what color A starts out being is not the same color at the end of the pattern. Color B and C follow this same example. Know I know this sounds a little confusing but really it's quite simple.


Begin knitting with Color A, which for us is Cathedral. If you get gauge you can even knit a few extra rows with this color before adding Color B. It's so lovely it's going to be hard not too! Continue following the pattern and the color changes through row 19, where you end up with Color B. Now here is where the ombre effect happens.


On the next row knit with Color A and then purl with Color C. Now get back on track with the color sequence continue with row 1. Here is how it should look:


Now the sequence begins again and your next Color A will be the Charcoal. Again you follow the color changing sequence laid out in the pattern until you have used up all your colors ending with Pop Rocks as the final color.


Here is how all the color changes should look if you choose to used the ombre effect as we did.


For the bind off we used Elizabeth Zimmerman's sewn bind off, which is a very stretchy bind off. Perfect this type of kerchief shawl where blocking is important. This video by VeryPink Knits is an excellent example of how to do a sewn bind off.


We are so in love with our September Kit Club! We can wait to see how you chose to use the colors for your version of Stripe your Fancy!


Happy Crafting!

The Kitterly Team