If you are already on our email list, you should have seen our announcement in your mailbox this morning! We are very excited to announce the launch of Kitterly’s new Kit Club!


As you know, our mission is to match our customers to projects that they will love, while eliminating the hassle of getting all the necessary items to get started. (our goal: no more UFOs!!!)


Why a Kit Club? Well, we all have a love for trying new yarn, we love surprises, and we love having a nice little stash of quick projects to knock out in between the big ones. So that is how our Kit Club was born!


Each month you will get a surprise of a digital pattern that we love, and we will supply you with fantastic new yarns and/or hard to get favorites, all in amounts needed to finish it. Our promise to you is that the project we pick will always be something that can be completed rather quickly, and the skill level will be in the Intermediate range.


In addition, to make it Kitterly unique, we will feature a different technique used in the pattern and share a video tutorial to clearly explain it!


What’s the cost? It’s only $44.95/month, plus shipping/handling ($4.00 in the US) and any applicable sales tax. There is no contract, and you can cancel at anytime. (although we hope our amazing picks will keep you coming back every month!)


If you are an international customer, our standard shipping rates will apply, which you can find details on what countries we serve and the related costs here.


We are really excited about our first month’s box, and it will ship out on August 15th. We will reveal what’s inside your box via social media and email. (Months 2 and 3 are pretty amazing as well, so sign up before spaces fill up!)


We hope you will join this fun new program, and can sign up here!


Happy Crafting!



A few notes on the program:

Kit Club can only be purchased via PayPal. You will be directed to PayPal to complete the purchase and sign up for the subscription service.


We apologize, but we can not process Kit Club subscriptions in combination with any other merchandise on the site. If you want to purchase product and/or kits, you can do that in a separate transaction. Thank you for your patience!