We just love little extras, like pom poms or fringe! With our first kit club subscription we sent enough yarn to start and complete the Rivulet by Tin Can Knits.

This shawl is simple yet intriguing with the use of knit and purl stitches to create a pattern that mimicks moving water. The fringe adds a bit of drama and helps with the illusion of a rushing river. Adding fringe to a project isn't difficult but we want every project to be a stress free as possible; it's the Kitterly way after all.


The first step is to cut all your fringe peices. Each piece for this project should measure 10". The pattern recommends cutting all your fringe before you start knitting. This is a good idea that way you don't have to stop and cut all those pieces when you are too excited to finish your shawl and wear it!


Next gather all the materials you will need to add the fringe to your shawl. These materials include your blocked shawl, the fringe pieces, a crochet hook, and some scissors. 


To begin adding fringe insert the crochet hook through the hole created by the yarn over's in the pattern and lay your fringe pieces over the hook. You can either choose to do one piece of fringe or two. We like the fringe to look full so we chose two pieces, but it's up to you and how you want your shawl to look in the end. 


With the fringe pieces in place turn the crochet hook to grab the yarn and pull it through the eyelet hole.


Next remove the crochet hook and tug the loop of yarn down in between the two tails of fringe.


Insert the fringe tails into the loop and pull the tails sung to lock them in place against the shawl.


Repeat the steps until you have added all the fringe you want on your shawl.


Once all the fringe has been added take your scissors and trim the fringe pieces to your desired length. We only cut off about half an inch, so as to keep the look of long fringe to match the sample by Tin Can Knits. 

After you've trimmed up your fringe pieces it's ready to wear and enjoy!


Happy Crafting!

The Kitterly Team


P.S. We would love to see your finished pieces! Send photos of your finished Kitterly projects to hello@kitterly.com and you might just see your work show up on our instagram.