Kitterly Blog Interesting Project Ideas Other than Scarves

The first thing most knitters make is a scarf. They're great beginner projects. You cast on a reasonable number of stitches and just keep knitting with the goal of not adding or removing stitches. When you’re done you have an accessory that is even useful (occasionally) in Southern California.

But, after you’ve done a scarf (or ten) and want to learn something new, what next?

Really, you can do anything you want. I’ve seen people go from scarves to fitted, cabled sweaters. But that’s a pretty steep learning curve so instead let’s go over projects that’ll teach you a few new skills without becoming overwhelming.

 Kitterly Blog Cowl Projects

Cowls are great projects to do after scarves. We've got a number of beginner cowls on Kitterly. A super easy one is Knit Collage's Yarnicorn Cowl, which is knit like a scarf with a simple pattern and some seaming at the end. Lisa Mutch's Husk cowl is a little more complicated if you want to learn more new techniques. You’ll need to learn to knit in the round (on the plus side you won’t need to seam it at the end), purl and follow a pattern. The hard part is at the beginning -- when you cast on and join in the round -- after that it gets easier!

 Kitterly Hat Projects

One of my favorite projects to give an eager new knitter who wants a challenge is a hat. Kitterly has some great beginner hats for adults, kids and babies. Hats give you a chance to learn knitting in the round and decreasing, making your first shaped garment. Knitbot’s Simple Hat is the best if you want simplicity, with just a little ribbing and then stockinette. Tin Can Knits' Barley has a little more texture and isn't much more complicated. 

 Kitterly Shawl Projects

Finally, there are shawls. They've got shaping like hats but you don't have to worry as much about them fitting when you're done. This is also a chance to play with colorwork. Kitterly has good beginner shawls but also some intermediate shawls that an enthusiastic beginner could tackle. Ewe Ewe's Mint Julep is super easy so if you want more of a challenge try Alex Tinsley's Stripe Your Fancy.

Those are some good projects, but of course we have a lot more on Kitterly! Remember, don't be afraid to challenge yourself if you fall in love with something that looks tricky.

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