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What kind of knitter are you?

In the creative world of crafting, I hate to think of anyone feeling restricted into being a certain "type" of anything, yet, it's impossible to ignore that we all have our tastes, our habits, and our obsessions, even if they only last for a few hours. Do you find yourself consistently drawn to a certain type of project? Do you only want to knit using small needles? Do you crave a finished project or do you wish the stockinette would just go on forever?

Here's a short and incomplete list of different knitters I have both met and been over the years.

 Sweater Knitter

I've met hundreds of accessory knitters, but The Sweater Knitter has been the rarer breed. I've only been a Sweater Knitter for months at a time so the dedication of the long-term devotee impresses me as they go from time consuming project to time consuming project. Their output isn't neccessarily awe inspiring, but that isn't the point to them. They're in love with the cardigans or pullover they're going to wear and show off - and maybe making sure no one in their friends or family is cold this winter.

 Seat of pants knitter

The Seat-Of-Your-Pants knitter awes me with their enthusiasm as they pile up their finished projects. They knit and knit and knit, everything from scarves to cowls to shawls, and I've even seen the occasional sweater. Mistakes don't worry them. Suddenly have too many stitches? Just decrease on the next row. Knitted instead of purled for part of a row? That's now a part of the design. Knitting is often their escape and they aren't going to let anything stop them.

 Perfectionist Knitter - Frogged Project


Oh, this sounds familiar. The Perfectionist starts by spending a few weeks looking for the perfect shawl to start. Then they need a few more weeks to chose the right colors. Swatching might take a few days. Then they get started but they don't like how the cast on looks after a few rows so they pull back. And then it turns out that the colors don't actually look good when knit together so they pull back again. Their output is slow and laborious, but their finished projects are beautiful.


process knitter


I am completely a Process Lover. If you're like me, you're captivated by thin yarns on small needles in strange techniques and advanced projects that might take forever. Our output is not fantastic, for us it's all about the knitting and the finished project is just a byproduct you're left with at the end. While this doesn't describe me, I've found these knitters often list a cabled sweater as one of their first projects. 


Gift Knitter


While many of us will knit for others, there are certain Gift Knitter's who seem to only knit for others. This type of knitter often has a favorite hat and when they holidays come around or birthdays or they make a new friend, it's time to whip up another one. Marriages of really special friends might even move them to knit an entire blanket and a new baby means it's times to look a baby pullovers and cardigans. For them the joy is about gifting an heirloom to someone who will appreciate it.

So, did I get you? Or do you see yourself as a different type of knitter altogether?