Vickie Howell Oven Mittens Hour Four Five Top Photo

I know! I promised to show you my progress on Vickie Howell's Oven Mitt(ens) last week but it turns out that some weeks I knit faster than I blog. So here we go, I've got hours four, five AND six to show off!

Above you see hour four, where I finished off the thumb of my right mitten and then did the cuff and started the cabling on my left mitten.

Hour Four Five Vickie Howell Image 2

Hour five it started to feel like I was actually knitting the left mitten faster than the right. Maybe that was just an illusion but it sure helped me power through the thumb gusset and nearly to the end of the cable section.

Now, I know people fear "second sock syndrome" which seems to apply not just to socks but anytime you have to knit two of anything (mittens, sleeves). In this case being able to see the quick progress you are making is a great motivator to keep going on the second.

Hour Six Vickie Howell Oven Mitens

The end of hour six and you can see I'm just about done. The top is so easy and I love the round shape that really is like oven mitts.

So I wasn't able to do it in six hours but it'll be very easy to finish them up within seven. Later next week I should be able to show you the finished project!