One Hour Into The Oven Mittens

Last week I told you about four great projects from Vickie Howell  exclusive to Kitterly. We made a big promise about these projects: you’ll be able to finish them in just a handful of lunch hours.

With a claim like that I felt a demonstration would be useful, so you could see how long it really takes to make one of these projects. Starting off I wanted to see how far could I get in an hour.

I picked out my favorite of the bunch: the very-practical-in-Southern-California-when-it’s-nearly-summer Oven Mitt(ens). They're too cute. I’ll drive out to the snow to give myself a reason to wear them.

Then, I cast on and started knitting. During the next hour I had to get up and do a few things but was able to spend a majority of the time focused on the project. By the end of the hour I had completed the ribbing on the cuff, done two cable rows and was nearly at the next one. Luckily I didn’t make any mistakes so no time got wasted pulling back. I can also cable without a cable needle which makes those rounds go faster.

So far I’m loving the easy, instant gratification of it. The other projects I’ve got on the needles now are all big, complicated endeavors that will take months of meditation and this is a sweet treat by comparison.

Next week I’ll be back to show you how far I get in hours two and three. Do you think I’ll be able to finish one of the mittens?