Hour 2 of Vickie Howell Oven Mittens

This week I continued my experiment to discover just how long it takes me to knit Vickie Howell's Oven Mitt(ens). The Oven Mitt(ens) are one of four Lunch Hour Knit Kits designed by Vickie to be fast, fun knits you could make in a handful of lunch hours.

So, how'd I do?

In hour two I continued working on the main body of the mitten, repeating the cable pattern I had started in the first hour. Because the mittens are knit in Manos Del Uruguay Maxima, a worsted weight yarn, the rounds aren't very long and I could see the mitten growing in length with each row. By the time hour two was up I'd nearly finished the entire cable pattern.

 Hour 3 of Vickie Howell Oven Mittens

Hour three and I nearly finished my first mitten! I can't help but think if I'd been a little more dedicated I might have made it all the way. As it is I think I need just a couple more rounds and I'll be done.

Of course this is just one of the two mittens and I'm determined not to have second mitten syndrome. Come by next week and see how far I get in hours 4 and 5!