Welcome to the August Shipment of the Kitterly Kit Club


Are you going camping this summer? When I was a kid I spent time each summer in cabins by a lake far from the city. For a few nights we’d make a campfire and gaze up into a sky filled with stars undimmed by city lights. If you’re not making a campfire this summer we’ve still got you covered with our August Kit Club:



Castra by Anthony Casalena


Yarn Love Scarlett O’Hara


Designer Anthony Casalena was in search for a hobby about ten years ago when he picked up some yarn, needles and a crochet hook. He taught himself the basics using internet videos and soon fell in love with the calming aspects of the craft. Designing was something he stumbled into, when friends fell in love with a shawl he’d made without a pattern and encouraged him to start writing his patterns down.

With Castra he was inspired to try and catch the shapes and movements of a flickering campfire in his shawl. We love the open lacework and sweeping shapes that remind us of tendrils of flame and cracking sounds.

The Starry Night ​comes from the name of the Yarn Love colorway used in the original sample. Kate Franceschi is the dyer behind Yarn Love, and she came to hand dying yarn through an unusual pathway. As a mother of newborn twins with allergies to commercial diapers, she started knitting soaker covers to go over their cloth diapers. Soon she was custom dying them, and then selling them to other mothers. Eventually she realized her passion for dying yarn and started Yarn Love.

Almost all her colors start as pictures. From them, she creates a palate which she refines into beautiful and unique color combinations. We love all the colors for this month's club and the pictures they can evoke in our minds.

We hope that wherever you spend your summer nights you can have your knitting there with you!

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