Welcome to the June Shipment of the Kitterly Kit Club


Our June Club features a special collaboration hailing from the beautiful country of Switzerland. With such a beautiful country as backdrop, I expected to learn that was the inspiration for the design for this month’s club. When I asked the designer, however, I got a surprising answer.


This month’s Kit Club:


Asma by Nadia Crétin-Léchenne

featuring Sidispinnt Tibetan Sock


The yarn comes from Siddispinnt and dyer Asita Ganga Krebs. Asita’s first passion was spinning, which she learned from her mother as a little girl. When in school for spinning, she actually complained about having to learn to dye. But later, when she started her own business, people kept asking her for colored roving and fiber so she gave in. Her dyed fleece was so popular she kept going and her natural curiosity led her to continue to grow and experiment.


Her Tibetan Sock is a delight to work with. It has a soft feel and a wonderful drape once knitted. Her colors are inspired by the beautiful Bern countryside where she lives.


For Swiss designer Nadia Crétin-Léchenne, knitting is a part of everyday life. She first learned to knit in school at an early age, and her mother and grandmother were both knitters. Her passion however, didn’t come immediately. It wasn’t until she had kids and got into blogging that her knitting really began to flourish and she started to design.


For Asma, her inspiration came from watching the TV Show "Vikings." Nadia wanted to create something for a sensitive and fearless viking girl--a feminine bit of armor--and Asma is what she came up with.


We hope that you enjoying wrapping your viking armor around you!