In Southern California the month of June brings coastal fog that creeps inland, blanketing us in the beautiful gray mists we call June Gloom. For this dramatic and mysterious time of year we’re sending you an eye-catching project that embodies the atmosphere outside our windows.

This month’s shipment:


Salactious by Lisa Mutch


Salacious by Lisa Mutch

featuring Northbound Knitting Merino/Silk Twist

Lisa Mutch of Northbound Knitting lives in Canada and spends her days dying yarn and her evenings working on her designs. She taught herself to knit about fifteen years ago and almost immediately began to create her own patterns. To this day while she gets inspiration from many different sources, she always creates something that she would want to wear. She especially loves shawls and believes you can never have too many.

She started to play around with dying her own yarn within a year of learning to knit. Though she started with kool-aid she quickly became obsessed and eventually started working with professional grade acid dyes and taking the process more seriously. A lot of her inspiration comes from the freshwater lakes, lush forests and rocky areas of Northern Ontario, which is also the inspiration for the name of her company: Northbound Knitting.


back view


Salacious has everything we love about Lisa’s designs. It’s a long curved shawl with dramatic stripes and wedges of color created by short rows. You won’t get frustrated and you won’t get bored with the combination of garter, color changes and short rows.


Merino Silk/Twist


The shawl is knit using Lisa’s beautiful Merino/Silk Twist yarn. Her beautiful colors shine with the silk content and the yarn is lusciously soft on the fingers. It’s the kind of yarn that encourages you to enjoy the process of knitting as much as the final product.

We’ll see you when the fog dissipates!