When searching for our May Kit Club we discovered a beautiful shawl that led us to a designer and indie dyer in Philadelphia -- South Africa. This month’s yarn has never been available in the US before and has traveled over 10,000 miles to reach you!

This month’s shipment:

Kitterly Kit Club May Reveal Photo - Abalone Shawl in Nurturing Fibres

Abalone Shawl by Carle' Dehning
featuring Nurturing Fibres SingleSpun Lace


Carle’ Dehning, designer and dyer behind Nurturing Fibres, lives with her family in the historic town of Philadelphia in the Western Cape of South Africa. Like many knitters she learned to knit at a young age but it didn’t stick. Upon discovering weaving and rediscovering knitting as an adult she quickly became unsatisfied with the colors and yarns available to her locally. Her solution for the problem was to start dying the colors she wanted.

What started in 2003 as a few skeins in her kitchen sink became more than she could knit. By then she was too in love with dying to stop so she sold her extra skeins to friends and later local stores. Over the next 13 years Carle’ perfected her dying techniques and the business grew, gaining valued employees and moving into a dye studio on the family farm.

Nuturing Fibres Single Spun Lace

Your kit club includes two skeins of Nurturing Fibre’s SingleSpun Lace, a beautiful 100% merino. Carle’s selected the fibers carefully from local, South African farmers. All the colors she creates are inspired by special memories, times and spaces in from her life.

Abalone Shawl by Carle Dehning 

The Abalone Shawl design was also inspired by a moment from her past. When she went on her first date with her husband he dived and then cooked abalone for her. The holes in the shell captured her imagination and stuck in her memory, until 18 years later they became a part of the design for this shawl.

No matter where you are when you knit this shawl you can think about the beautiful South African countryside and holes decorating beautiful iridescent abalone shells.

Until June!