Welcome to the October Shipment of the Kitterly Kit Club!

Normally I don’t like the longer nights that come with fall, but for some reason this year is different. These dark chilly nights seem like a great time to curl up with a hot drink and a project in your lap in front of a good movie or a warm fire (or both if you’re lucky).

Here’s your October project to give you something fun to do during these long nights.


Silverleaf by Lisa Hannes - Kitterly Kit Club


Silverleaf by Lisa Hannes

featuring Baah Yarns La Jolla

Designer Lisa Hannes started knitting in 2011, and it quickly became an important part of her life. For Lisa knitting creates a magical inner peace and is a type of meditation that gives her a way to relax when she needs it. Her beautiful shawl designs reflect her feelings about knitting, as they are often easy enough for a beginner, but with an interesting technique or texture or color to keep the project fun and engaging. That way her patterns can be enjoyed from the beginning cast on through when you wear your beautiful finished project.

Silverleaf is a beautiful asymettrical triangular shawl with a panel of leaf lace surrounded by garter stitch. Since it is knit on the bias it stays interesting without becoming difficult. Lisa also includes instructions on making your shawl larger and we’ve included enough yarn if you want to do so.

The yarn for your project is La Jolla from Baah Yarns. Mira Cole, dyer behind Baah Yarns, has a background in graphic design and taught painting for ten years in Indonesia. When she came back to the United States she picked up knitting but became frustrated when she couldn’t find the colors she wanted. Like many of our favorite hand dyers, her solution was to dye up her own.

Mira is inspired by the play of light and dark, and her goal is to create velvety colors with carefully handpainted light and dark shades that might appear solid at first but shift in the light. She compares it to how a vibrant meadow will shift in colors as the daylight changes. Baah’s La Jolla is a smooth wool yarn that is a pleasure to knit up in Lisa’s beautiful pattern.

In November the nights are going to keep getting longer but we’ll have more kits to keep you occupied!