Welcome to the September Shipment of the Kitterly Kit Club!


September already? The other day I saw a college student returning to school wearing a warm knit slouchy hat in the balmy high sixty degree weather. When you love hand knits you’ll take any excuse to wear them. This month’s kit is one you’ll come up with any excuse to wear.


This month’s shipment:


Kitterly Kit Club September Reveal Photo - Buttonwillow by Romi Hill

Buttonwillow Wrap by Romi Hill


The Fibre Company Road to China Light

Rosemary (Romi) HIll is a designer known for her beautiful and imaginative shawls. After becoming hooked on lace knitting she started designing in 2005 and hasn’t stopped since. Her shawls make use of everything from beautiful lace designs to interesting shapes and color combinations. She lives in beautiful northern Nevada and when she is not designing she is often teaching the techniques she’s perfected on her shawls.


Her Buttonwillow Wrap is named for the buttonbush plant, a beautiful flowering plant with exotic looking round blooms. Only a few hours (traffic permitting) from Kitterly, there is even a town called Buttonwillow, named for a lone buttonbush that served as a landmark to the Yokut Indians. The flowers of the plant are known for attracting butterflies and the dainty edging of Romi’s shawl looks like it will too!


The shawl was designed in Road to China Light by The Fibre Company. The Fibre Company is a UK based company that specializes in natural fiber blends dyed in beautiful and unique colors to create truly original artisan yarn. Their Road To China Light is a lusciously soft and drapey of alpaca, silk, camel and cashmere. The colors are saturated with subtle shades and variations that look beautiful knit up in Romi’s shawl.


Next month we move into Fall and that means you’ll need more hand knits to wear!