New On Kitterly Shibui Knits

We've got something new on Kitterly: 5 yarns and 10 projects from Shibui Knits!

Shibui yarns are great for the warmer season that's just getting started, with fibers like linen and silk in thin gauges that will knit into great, lightweight garments. The projects include sophisticated sleeveless tops and vests, simple but elegant scarves for the day and hats for cool mornings and nights.

The company was started in Portland Oregon by yarn store owner Darcy Cameron. She was looking for something different that fit with the elegant but simple aesthetic she loved. So she created a line of beautiful yarns that you'll want to look at up close to see all the textured detail in what appears to be an uncomplicated yarn.

Shibui Linen Yarn 

Shibui yarns are designed to be mixed and matched with one another. The various colors and textures coming together to create a myriad of different fabrics. Deciding which yarns and projects we wanted to bring onto the website was like planning an attack. Patterns were scattered across the table, calculators brandished, and numbers and names scribbled onto pads of paper. We sorted through everything, narrowing down our choices until we came up with 10 great projects, each offered in 2-4 color options that you can add to your cart with one click!

Kitterly Kits Shubui L.1 Color Combinations 

L.1 is a simple knit scarf that shows off a beautiful combination of four colors of Shibui's popular Linen yarn. We've got it in two different color combinations.

 Shibui Tier and Slope in Twig

Tier is a loose, drapey scarf with dropped stitches at either end. It's knit in Twig, a unique combination of linen, silk and wool. The seperate fibers take the dye differently and give the yarn, and the final product, a complex color. We've got four colors of Twig to knit it in.

Also available in Twig is Slope, a sleeveless pullover with flattering loose shaping. The top has both a short and a long version.

Shibui Bevel in Twig 

Bevel is a two-color cardigan with a unique shape that can be worn over just about anything. A great top for the warm months coming up ahead and easy enough to knit it by then. We've got three color combinations of Twig you can knit it in.

Shibui Aurora in Linen and Cima

Aurora is a sleek vest that can be worn two different ways, with the opening at the front or the back. It's knit in a combination of Linen and Cima held together. Cima is a thin alpaca wool blend that'll add softness to any project. We've got it available in three colors.

Shibui Volute in Silk Cloud and Cima 

Volute is a loose, open cardigan knit up mostly in Silk Cloud with a little Cima in the sleeves to give it shape. The Silk Cloud is a special, soft, blend of silk and mohair that really does resemble a cloud. We've got it in 3 colors.

 Shibui Peak and Mix No 32 in Pebble

The Peak Scarf and Hat set are a pair of asymmetrical accessories knit holding two strands of Pebble together. Pebble is a combination of silk, wool and cashmere with a soft and interesting texture. We've got it in 4 different colors and if you'd like you can just do either the hat or the scarf.


Mix No. 32 is a knit hat with a simple texture that will show off the depth of color in the Pebble yarn. Even though you are holding two strands together you will still have a lightweight hat when finished.

Shibui Horizon in Linen and Cima 

Horizon is a shaped pullover in two colors of a combination of Linen and Cima held together. The sleeves change color at the same place as the color changes on the body, a beautiful detail. We've got it available in three color combinations.

We hope you love these projects the way we do!