Have you checked out Kitterly's YouTube Channel lately? Not only do we have the Saturday Morning Knitting videos, our fun series showing how Kitterly could help you bring your knitting to another level, we are now debuting Kitterly Helpful Hints! Each video teaches a different technique, designed to help you learn what you need to complete a project and take your knitting to the next level.


Our first Helpful Hint Video is "How-To Measure Gauge". Gauge is crucial for any project that you want to fit. People think sweaters are hard to make and the truth is that a simple sweater isn't hard from a knitting standpoint, you only need to know how to knit, purl, increase and decrease. The secret is making a swatch and gauging before you start, because you could be the best knitter in the world but if your gauge is off, your finished project won't fit.


Gauge is not only important for sweaters of course, it's important any time you want a project to come out a specific size. If you've got your heart set on a 36" by 36" baby blanket, you'd better gauge first.


That's why in this first video Kitterly's own Fleming goes over how to make a swatch and measure gauge on stockinette stitch, garter, and lace. She also gives a few tips on what to do if you aren't getting gauge.



So, if you're feeling eager to try Harvest by Tin Can Knits or Ladies Classic Raglan Pullover by Jane Richmond, check out the video so you can get started right!