Kitterly Original Lenticular Cowl

Remember those fun trading cards with the animated images that would shift and change depending on what angle you held them at? Turns out they’re called lenticular images, created by a printing method that combines at least two images to get that motion effect.

Our latest Kitterly original reminded us so much of these images that we had to call it the Lenticular Cowl! By combining a solid color with a speckled and using a two-color brioche stitch we created a cowl that shifts colors depending on the angle. Even more fun, it’s also reversible!

 Kitterly Lenticular Cowl - Reversed Image

We love Plymouth Bably Alpaca Grande and Hand Dye for cowls and scarves. The thick yarn knits up fast and the 100% alpaca fiber means that it’s soft and warm against your neck. We’ve got three great color combinations to chose from:

 Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Grande - Lenticular Cowl Color Combos

Brioche stitch is a lot of fun, but it is not a beginner stitch. I recommend it to people who hace tackled hats, increased, decreased, and done a yarn over or two. If you've got that under your belt, this cowl is the perfect project to learn brioche on because it’s small and the yarn is thick. Like any new technique you’ll want to take it one step at a time and be patient with yourself, don’t rush ahead or worry about steps you haven’t reached yet.

You should also check out this tutorial video we created last year about brioche stitch where we go step by step over the 3 rounds it takes to get started.

Buy the kit here. Once you’re done just throw it on. It’ll look great from every angle!