Knit It Black by Alex Tinsley on Kitterly

We’ve just put Alex Tinsley’s new Knit It Black collection on Kitterly! 

Alex Tinsley’s Knit It Black is an all-black knitwear collection to benefit animal rescue charities, specifically ones that help hard-to-adopt animals. I love everything about this collection, from the great designs to the awe-inspiring black-on-black photography to the way it benefits our furry friends.

Alex Tinsley with cute dog 

Last year Alex started this project because she wanted to do two things. First, create a great line of classic garments in a color that never goes out of style. Second, she wanted to help rescue animals, specifically black dogs and cats. These animals are hard to adopt, so much so that there's actually a "Black Dog Syndrome" (though it affects cats as well). I've volunteered in animal rescue and have heard about the problem first hand.

Alex Tinsley Knit It Black holding Black Dog 

So, to get the project started, she created a kick-starter to help take care of production costs so that she could donate as much of the proceeds from the patterns to various charities as she could. The kick-starter was funded almost 3 times over!


Everyone here at Kitterly has pets we adore, so we love this collection. It’s not uncommon for our productivity to take momentary dips when someone has to show off their latest cute animal photo. We even have our own unofficial doggy mascot who has been reluctantly bribed to model for us.


We wanted to help out too, so we are donating a portion of sales from these kits to Alex’s charity of the month: Little Black Dog Rescue. They’re a group dedicated to helping black dogs find homes.


The collection is gorgeous so it shouldn't be too hard to find a project you love and help a great cause at the same time. We’ve got all 6 projects available on Kitterly, check them out:

 Alex Tinsley Knit It Black Char Sweater

Char is a beautiful form fitting sweater that'll show off your figure and keep you warm when you take your dog out for a walk. It’s kitted with Madelinetosh DK and looks fantastic in black, but if you’re in the mood for color we’ve got a few great options.

Alex Tinsley Knit It Black Pitch Sweater 

Pitch is the other sweater from the collection and it’s very different from Char, more suited to a relaxing evening with your cat. Loose and casual, I love the way it drapes. We’ve got it in Tosh Sport in the original black color.

 Alex Tinsley Knit It Black Messier 51

Messier51 is a textured cowl in a simple stitch that shows off the complex colors of Malabrigo Rasta and Twist. It's not really intended for a dog, but we're impressed with Alex's dog Pog's patience with being made to look silly! We've got the cowl in the original black and some fun colors too! 

 Alex Tinsley Knit It Sambuca Noir

Sambuca Noir is a beautiful slouchy hat in the chunky ASAP from Madelinetosh. It looks cabled but that’s actually smocking, a technique that is done after-the-fact so that the hat is a super-fast knit -- which gives you more time for the dog park! We've got it in black and a beautiful neutral color.

 Alex Tinsley Knit It Black Seal

Seal is one of those classic hats that you can always use in your wardrobe. It's great for cool evening walks, casual nights out, or kissing your dog. We’ve got it in Malabrigo Mecha.

Alex Tinsley Knit It Black Melanist

Melanist is a pair of fun chunky arm warmers. Your cat will think you're jealous of her fur coat. We’ve got this kitted in Cascade 128 in black and a few other great colors.


Another great thing about all these projects? People won't notice if you wear them after your black doggy or kitty takes a nap on them.

If you want to know more about the collection, and the difficulties of adopting out black pets, we recommend you check out Alex’s kickstarter page.