What's in your October shipment???

Stripe Your Fancy by Alex Tinsley, featuring Madelinetosh Unicorn Tails!!!

Stripe Your Fancy is a snazzy shawl with plenty of options for customization. We’ve sent you enough Tosh Merino Light Unicorn Tails to do the classic triangle size, and there are instructions on the blog for our own striping pattern.

We’ve given you extra yarn in this kit though, so you can experiment and play around with your own combinations!

Alex Tinsley is a talented designer who likes simple textures and interesting shapes, soft wools and kettle-dyes. She’s been designing since 2007 and has created over 100 designs, including over 75 hats and dozens of scarves and shawls, which are fun to knit and wear. She recently finished up a very successful kickstarter for “Knit It Black”, which will be a collection of black knitting patterns, created with the goal of raising awareness and funds for black rescue pets.

Madelinetosh is the company of Amy Hendrix: Dyer, mama, and passionate color theory and crafting educator. After her son was born in 2005, Amy rediscovered the knitting community and became interested in natural fibers and traditional methods of dying. She started by experimenting in her home kitchen, using the traditional methods of dyeing by layering colors two or three at a time, mixing and combining dyes in glazes and washes of colors. The results were beautiful and unique. After receiving many random order requests at playgrounds, Hendrix realized there was a demand for her yarn. In 2006 she listed some of her extra hand dyed skeins for sale on a new website called Etsy. Remembering stories of her great grandmother, who handwove linens and textiles in the early 1900s, she decided to honor her craft by using her name, Madeline Tosh, as the name for her indie fibers. Out of this tiny start-up grew a hand dye operation which now supplies yarn to stockists around the globe, from Iceland to Japan, from Australia to Alaska.

Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light is one of her most popular yarns, and we’ve always loved seeing it worked into beautiful shawls. With the Unicorn Tails, adorable mini bundles of the Tosh Merino Light, we could give people a range of beautiful colors that would pop and shine in a simple shawl like Alex’s Stripe Your Fancy.

Subscribers will get one of 3 amazing colorway combinations, each named after California Beaches:


Malibu Lagoon

Abalone Cove

El Matador


Better get started soon! Before you know it next month’ll be here, and we’ll have another great treat in the mail headed your way.