Welcome to the February Shipment of the Kitterly Kit Club!


In the month of February we’ve got to pack all our knitting into a few less days than most months, even if it means not getting a few other things done. This month we’re going to do a magic trick, as our Kit Club allows you to travel thousands of miles without ever putting down your needles.


Your February Project:

Allira by Ambah O’Brien


Julie Asselin Leizu Fingering Gradient Set and Piccolo Full Skein

First off, Australia! That is where designer Ambah O’Brien lives and creates her beautiful designs. As a young girl Ambah was surrounded by the fabrics of her mother’s textile art and design, but knitting didn’t enter her life until much later. Before that she was a painter, first on canvas and then on people as a face & body artist and instructor. While her mother did teach her the knit stitch, it was her son who taught her to cast on, off and purl. Knitting quickly became a passion that she spent every spare minute working on and quickly moved into designing. Two years ago she retired her body art business to focus on designing full time. The design for Allira is inspired by the beauty of quartz crystal. When light hits the crystal it refracts into beautiful shades and variations of the same color. The name Allira is the Australian Aboriginal word meaning quartz crystal.

The beautiful yarn and colors you will be knitting come from across the globe in Canada! Where Julie Asselin dyed up the beautiful Leizu Fingering gradient sets and Piccolo yarn. Julie has been knitting since she was a little girl, when she was taught by her mom and grandmas. Since then she says there isn’t a day where she hasn’t picked up her needles. Her curiosity about every aspect of knitting and yarn led her to start dying her own yarn. She’s been dying yarn as a business for five years.

Relax, sit back, and enjoy your knitting!