Did you ever read classic romantic literature or watch period BBC series and fantasize about wandering the English fields like one of the heroes or heroines? The reality is that it would be chilly and damp in those fields, and you’d need some kind of shawl to keep you warm. Luckily we’ve got you covered for all your historical wandering needs with this month’s shipment:

 - To Eyre by Carol Sunday Knits - 


Carol Sunday is the perfect designer for this kind of romantic period design, because she lives and works in a historic limestone farmhouse in Northern Illinois. In this beautiful setting she’s often inspired by the woods, creek and wildlife outside. In this case however, she was inspired by one of the recent film adaptations of Jane Eyre.

Carol has been a professional knitwear designer for over 8 years, but she’s been designing since she learned to knit at the age of 7. While she got an education in engineering, spent time in medical school, and twenty years as an artist creating framed papercuttings, the constant in her life has been knitting.

To Eyre… is the perfect kind of simple yet classic shawl that is a joy to knit. The yarn is Carol’s design as well, and made in a mill in Italy that humanely sources it’s fibers. She’s attracted to natural and earthy colors and these work beautifully with this month’s project. The look of the 5-ply yarns is rustic and natural while still being soft and a joy to knit.

We hope you enjoy whatever kind of escapism your knitting takes you to this month!