We can't believe that we are going into our fourth month of the club already! As Thanksgiving approaches we’re thankful for our subscribers who’ve made this a success. Thank you!


This month’s shipment:


Reverb Shawl by Felicia Lo, featuring SweetGeorgia's Party of Five Gradient Mini-Skein sets.


On our quest for beautiful and interesting yarns to bring to our Kit Club Members, we were so excited to come across SweetGeorgia’s Party of Five Gradient Mini skeins! These are brand new to celebrate SweetGeorgia turning 10 years old this year and we’re happy to celebrate with them.


Felicia Lo started the company in 2005 at her dining room table in Vancouver, putting three skeins of her hand-dyed sock yarn for sale on Etsy. A long time knitter and crafter, Felicia took a detour at university into pharmaceutical sciences and then a career in web design and web development. She doesn’t consider any of this time wasted however, as both prepared her in their own way for her eventual destiny at SweetGeorgia.


Felicia isn’t just passionate about color, she’s obsessive. She believes that there’s a lot more to hand-dyed color than what you see, and that it can affect you in wonderful ways. She’s seen it happen in her own life over the years and the ups and downs of running SweetGeorgia. We love the stunning and saturated colors that she creates and the soft, luxurious feel of her yarns.


These Party of Five Gradient Mini skeins come in her most popular yarn, Tough Love Sock. It’s a real pleasure to feel in your hands as you knit it up. The yarn is paired with the Reverb Shawl, a pattern designed by Felicia to show off the color transitions to their best.


Also included in this shipment is a large Eden Bag from Della Q!


These bags are handmade in Vietnam and Della donates a portion of her profits Mekong Quilts, an organization that trains low-income and rural Vietnamese women in the art of quilting. Around this time of year you may be doing some extra traveling and your beautiful hand knits deserve to travel in style. Della’s bags are beautiful and big enough to carry a sweater or a baby blanket.


Next month the holiday season will be in full swing, and we’ll be sending out another great, hand-dyed project for you to enjoy! Sign-ups are live and open for December right now, so click here to join for only $44.95/month!