What's in your October Kit Club shipment?

You’re Beautiful by Melanie Berg, featuring Anzula Haiku!

We love the inspiring message behind You’re Beautiful, that everyone is beautiful and sometimes you just need the right color to show it off. The pattern is a relaxing stretch of stockinette that grows into the dramatic shape and ends with a twisted rib edging.

Once you’re done you can wrap this shawl around your shoulders, chase away the crisp weather, and know that you’re beautiful!

Melanie Berg lives in Bonn, Germany where she spends her time combining colors, shapes and textures into her own unique designs. Once an IT specialist, she’s mother to three and a semi-successful housewife. In her secret second life she designs beautiful knitwear that makes us wish it were cold all year round.

Anzula is hand dyed in Fresno, just a long car ride up the state from Kitterly’s home town of Los Angeles! The company began in 2005 when founder and owner Sabrina Famellos started dying yarn in her bathtub and sink. The next year she created an Etsy shop devoted to her yarns and in 2011 Anzula moved into its first warehouse space. Today, Anzula continue to grow and expand as Sabrina travels across North America finding new colorway inspiration and working with the mill to develop new blends. Anzula specializes in exotic fibers in traditional and unique blends and one of Anzula’s signature features is that each yarn is available in all of the over 100 colorways.

Anzula Haiku is a special blend of bamboo and merino with just a little nylon to add strength. The bamboo gives the yarn a subtle sheen while the wool keeps it fluffy and warm. With the changing seasons and fall in mind we’ve picked three vibrant colors that will shine during any gloomy days that come!

We can’t wait to see people keeping warm in their shawls! And before you know it November will be here, and we’ll be busy packing up your next treat.