Kitterly Kit Club July Kit Blog, Casapinka's Towanda Shawl featuring Walk Collection Pure Sock

Welcome to the July Shipment of the Kitterly Kit Club 

Is that summer sun threatening to sap all your energy? July is looking absolutely beautiful and it’s hard not to resign yourself to spending the day sipping iced tea and laying at the beach or the park. I know knitters though, and we’re a dedicated bunch who’ll keep knitting under any circumstances. Here’s July’s Kit Club to energize you on these lazy beautiful days:

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Welcome to the May Shipment of the Kitterly Kit Club!

Do you live by the coast--any coast? We have Kit Club members from all over, and we love seeing the different states and cities on our shipping labels. (even countries!) This month’s project has a distinctly coastal theme, so even if you don’t live by one, we’re bringing it to you.

This month’s Kit Club:

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Did you ever read classic romantic literature or watch period BBC series and fantasize about wandering the English fields like one of the heroes or heroines? The reality is that it would be chilly and damp in those fields, and you’d need some kind of shawl to keep you warm. Luckily we’ve got you covered for all your historical wandering needs with this month’s shipment:

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Welcome to the February Shipment of the Kitterly Kit Club! In the month of February we’ve got to pack all our knitting into a few less days than most months, even if it means not getting a few other things done. This month we’re going to do a magic trick, as our Kit Club allows you to travel thousands of miles without ever putting down your needles. Your February Project...

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Kitterly Kit Club September Reveal Photo - Buttonwillow by Romi Hill

Welcome to the September Shipment of the Kitterly Kit Club! September already? The other day I saw a college student returning to school wearing a warm knit slouchy hat in the balmy high sixty degree weather. When you love hand knits you’ll take any excuse to wear them. This month’s kit is one you’ll come up with any excuse to wear.

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Verduri by Carol Sunday

We’re a month into summer and somehow we’re halfway into the year. There’s still plenty of warm sunshine and long days to pack full of knitting. Our next project is a beautiful piece with a delicate lace edging that will have you thinking of berries ripening under a warm summer sun.

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Salactious by Lisa Mutch

In Southern California the month of June brings coastal fog that creeps inland, blanketing us in the beautiful gray mists we call June Gloom. For this dramatic and mysterious time of year we’re sending you an eye-catching project that embodies the atmosphere outside our windows.

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Kitterly March Kit Club

We found March’s kit club project while trekking up and down the aisles of a trade show. Amid numerous booths draped with hanks of colorful fiber, we came across Ancient Arts’ animal themed colorways. We knew we had found our March project.

This month’s shipment:

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What's in your October Kit Club shipment?

You’re Beautiful by Melanie Berg, featuring Anzula Haiku!

We love the inspiring message behind You’re Beautiful, that everyone is beautiful and sometimes you just need the right color to show it off. The pattern is a relaxing stretch of stockinette that grows into the dramatic shape and ends with a twisted rib edging.

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