Hello and welcome to Kitterly.com! Your new home for ready-to-make knitting and crochet projects is finally live! The Kitterly concept started as a what if: What if the patterns you loved came packaged with the most suitable yarn, knitting needles and notions you needed?Read More
Every week we add new patterns and projects (i.e - pattern + materials) and this week's addition is dangerous for chronic shawl-knitters like myself. The Romi Hill pattern and project collection is now available! With wild rocky terrain the backdrop for her crisp photos, Romi Hill's shawls are hard to miss on Ravelry.Read More

Beth Kling’s “Aplomb” shawl features a dramatic edging that you knit onto the body stitches as you go. No binding off ‘loosely’ or unpicking a provisional cast-on, you are essentially casting-off while adding flair.

The edging is not difficult for a more advanced knitter, and completely doable for an intermediate knitter who wants to stretch their skills. In fact, the chart and instructions are so cleanly written it's likely you won't need the tutorial at all! Nevertheless, we put together a quick photo tutorial to guide you through the tricky spots.

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Our focus with Kitterly is creating a great experience for our customers from the moment they come to our site clear through casting off and showing off their new finished project. For that reason, we knew that Alana Dakos from Never Not Knitting would be a perfect match!

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It's almost here! Four jam packed days of yarn, yarn, and more yarn! LA County Yarn Crawl is March 26th-29th and Kitterly at Knit Culture Studio has got something for every knitter, crocheter, and fiber lover.


We have designer trunk shows from Hilary Smith Callis, Laura Chau, Kirsten Kapur, Terri Kruse, Beth Kling, and Manos del Uruguay.

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The “Dream Scarf” by Blue Sky Alpacas features a wide ribbed cable that adds subtle texture to this scrumptious reversible scarf. The cable blends beautifully with the rest of the fabric by continuing the pattern while the cable is made. If you’re new to cables, or haven’t done them in a while, here’s our handy guide to knitting cables in pattern.

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The nupp stitch is a quick method for making a cluster of stitches that pop out of your knitted fabric. The nupp stitch is used a lot in lace patterns, such as “Flan” by Heather Zopetti, to make flower buds, or berry motifs. It’s not as big or bulbous as a bobble, but it still adds a bumpy dimension to handknits that is quite charming! In this tutorial we are going to show you how to knit the nupp stitch so you can add it to your knitting playbook.

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If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook you'll have seen the sneak peak images we've been posting leading up to our announcment of the new designer on Kitterly. Now we can let the cat out of the bag and annouce our new designer on Kitterly is SoCal native, Grace Akhrem! 


For Grace, her main objective is to create well written patterns for items people will want to wear and use. With color and texture as her inspriation she achives her goals. Each piece designed by Grace is fresh and clean, which is one of the many reasons we love her designs! 


Because, we are so thrilled to have Grace be apart of Kitterly we will be hosting a trunk show of her samples and even a guest visit or two. There will be more details on those fun events over the next coming weeks. 


Like my Kitterly team members, I have fallen in love with the designs by Grace Akhrem. I want make so many of her designs but the first will be this Houndstooth Slouch. It goes onto the needles tonight and I can't wait!


Happy Crafting!



If you are already on our email list, you should have seen our announcement in your mailbox this morning! We are very excited to announce the launch of Kitterly’s new Kit Club!

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Have you checked out Kitterly's YouTube Channel lately? Not only do we have the Saturday Morning Knitting videos, our fun series showing how Kitterly could help you bring your knitting to another level, we are now debuting Kitterly Helpful Hints! Each video teaches a different technique, designed to help you learn what you need to complete a project and take your knitting to the next level. 

Our first Helpful Hint Video is "How-To Measure Gauge". 

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We just love little extras, like pom poms or fringe! With our first kit club subscription we sent enough yarn to start and complete the Rivulet by Tin Can Knits.

This shawl is simple yet intriguing with the use of knit and purl stitches to create a pattern that mimicks moving water. The fringe adds a bit of drama and helps with the illusion of a rushing river. Adding fringe to a project isn't difficult but we want every project to be a stress free as possible; it's the Kitterly way after all.


The first step is to cut all your fringe peices. Each piece for this project should measure 10". The pattern recommends cutting all your fringe before you start knitting. This is a good idea that way you don't have to stop and cut all those pieces when you are too excited to finish your shawl and wear it!


Next gather all the materials you will need to add the fringe to your shawl. These materials include your blocked shawl, the fringe pieces, a crochet hook, and some scissors. 


To begin adding fringe insert the crochet hook through the hole created by the yarn over's in the pattern and lay your fringe pieces over the hook. You can either choose to do one piece of fringe or two. We like the fringe to look full so we chose two pieces, but it's up to you and how you want your shawl to look in the end. 


With the fringe pieces in place turn the crochet hook to grab the yarn and pull it through the eyelet hole.


Next remove the crochet hook and tug the loop of yarn down in between the two tails of fringe.


Insert the fringe tails into the loop and pull the tails sung to lock them in place against the shawl.


Repeat the steps until you have added all the fringe you want on your shawl.


Once all the fringe has been added take your scissors and trim the fringe pieces to your desired length. We only cut off about half an inch, so as to keep the look of long fringe to match the sample by Tin Can Knits. 

After you've trimmed up your fringe pieces it's ready to wear and enjoy!


Happy Crafting!

The Kitterly Team


P.S. We would love to see your finished pieces! Send photos of your finished Kitterly projects to hello@kitterly.com and you might just see your work show up on our instagram.

Welcome to the August Shipment of the Kitterly Kit Club! It’s our first month and we’re so pleased by the enthusiastic response we’ve gotten. We’ve been very busy exploring all the great projects and special yarns we want to send to our subscribers every month.

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The Yarnover Truck is parking in front of our sister store, Knit Culture Studio, on Sunday, August 30th from 12 - 4pm! The Yarn over truck was started in 2013 by Maridee and Barbra and has taken Southern California on a ride for all things fibre related. 

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What's in your October shipment???

Stripe Your Fancy by Alex Tinsley, featuring Madelinetosh Unicorn Tails!!!

Stripe Your Fancy is a snazzy shawl with plenty of options for customization. We’ve sent you enough Tosh Merino Light Unicorn Tails to do the classic triangle size, and there are instructions on the blog for our own striping pattern.

We’ve given you extra yarn in this kit though, so you can experiment and play around with your own combinations!

Alex Tinsley is a talented designer who likes simple textures and interesting shapes, soft wools and kettle-dyes. She’s been designing since 2007 and has created over 100 designs, including over 75 hats and dozens of scarves and shawls, which are fun to knit and wear. She recently finished up a very successful kickstarter for “Knit It Black”, which will be a collection of black knitting patterns, created with the goal of raising awareness and funds for black rescue pets.

Madelinetosh is the company of Amy Hendrix: Dyer, mama, and passionate color theory and crafting educator. After her son was born in 2005, Amy rediscovered the knitting community and became interested in natural fibers and traditional methods of dying. She started by experimenting in her home kitchen, using the traditional methods of dyeing by layering colors two or three at a time, mixing and combining dyes in glazes and washes of colors. The results were beautiful and unique. After receiving many random order requests at playgrounds, Hendrix realized there was a demand for her yarn. In 2006 she listed some of her extra hand dyed skeins for sale on a new website called Etsy. Remembering stories of her great grandmother, who handwove linens and textiles in the early 1900s, she decided to honor her craft by using her name, Madeline Tosh, as the name for her indie fibers. Out of this tiny start-up grew a hand dye operation which now supplies yarn to stockists around the globe, from Iceland to Japan, from Australia to Alaska.

Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light is one of her most popular yarns, and we’ve always loved seeing it worked into beautiful shawls. With the Unicorn Tails, adorable mini bundles of the Tosh Merino Light, we could give people a range of beautiful colors that would pop and shine in a simple shawl like Alex’s Stripe Your Fancy.

Subscribers will get one of 3 amazing colorway combinations, each named after California Beaches:


Malibu Lagoon

Abalone Cove

El Matador


Better get started soon! Before you know it next month’ll be here, and we’ll have another great treat in the mail headed your way.

When the Kitterly Team sat down to talk about what we wanted to include in our Kit Club shipments we knew Madelinetosh Unicorn Tails were a must. The colors of Madelinetosh are so inspring that we decided to create an ombre effect with the varigated and the solid hues. Stripe your Fancy by Alex Tinsley quickly became the project of choice and we think the yarn and pattern are a match made in heaven!

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What's in your October Kit Club shipment?

You’re Beautiful by Melanie Berg, featuring Anzula Haiku!

We love the inspiring message behind You’re Beautiful, that everyone is beautiful and sometimes you just need the right color to show it off. The pattern is a relaxing stretch of stockinette that grows into the dramatic shape and ends with a twisted rib edging.

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October doesn’t just mean Halloween, it means walking through spider webs and catching the 8-legged monsters leering at you from the corners of your home. There’s no hope of escape, so might as well embrace the spirit of season with a hat that features spiders dangling down all around the brim!


This hat is knit from the brim up in either Worsted or DK weight, and features an easy single stitch spider body or a more complicated bobble spider body. To help you get going on this hat we’ve got a tutorial on how to do the spiders, including how to do the easy spider body, or the bobble spider body.


To start off you’ll need to knit the brim and following two rows of purl stitch.


Follow the pattern and purl the correct number of stitches, and then bring the yarn in front of your work. 


Next, slip five stitches purl-wise from your left to your right needle. Keep those stitches spread out and don’t bunch them in order to keep the tension loose.


Purl the next stitch. This gives you a long float across the front of the 5 stitches you didn’t purl. This will be the bottom two legs of your spider.


Just to be sure, I like to keep those stitches spread and give a tug to make sure there is just a little slack.


You’ll follow the pattern, repeating this all the way around. Then, on your next round you are going to simply purl across.


Once you’ve purled across that leg might look a little tight, but you can give it another tug and it should get loose again.


The next round you will create another float above the first. Follow the pattern and purl to where the float starts. Hold the yarn to the front and slip 5 stitches purl wise.


Purl the next stitch and make sure to keep that tension nice and loose.


Repeat the purl round and then the float round another 2 times.


When you are done you will have 4 total floats. Now you can either do the single knit stitch body or the bobble body.


Easy Spider Body


Following the pattern to purl part way across.


Slip your right needle under the 4 floats and lift them.


Bring them up over the top of the left needle and let them go on the left side of the next stitch to be worked.


Knit that stitch.


Drop the 4 floats down.


You may need to tug the legs into place and your spider with a single stitch body is done!


Bobble Spider Body


Following the pattern to purl part way across.


Slip your right needle under the 4 floats and lift them.


Bring them up over the top of the left needle and let them go on the left side of the next stitch to be worked.


Knit into the front,


the back,


and the front of that stitch. You now have 3 stitches.




Purl these 3 stitches.




Knit these 3 stitches together, so that you have 1 stitch.


Drop the 4 floats down.


You may need to tug the legs into place and your spider with a bobble body is done!





For our October Kit Club we wanted to bring everyone the gorgeous colors of fall and a great shawl to wrap around their shoulders as we go into the brisk air of fall. Melanie Berg’s You’re Beautiful done with Anzula Haiku are the perfect combination for the season.


Part of our goal with every shipment is to find a pattern that is fun without being too difficult, but also give people a chance to learn something new. You’re Beautiful features a nice stretchy bind off so that the artful shaped edging can be blocked into shape easily, without having to struggle with a too-tight edging.


It’s a great bind-off that can be used on other projects as well and good to know how to do. It does, however, feature a k2tog tbl, which is a knit 2 together through the back loop. And I know when I came across that term for the first time I wasn’t sure what I was being asked to do. So, here is another Kitterly Helpful Hint to get you going!


To start off you’ll need to knit the first two stitches. For Melanie’s shawl you do this on the wrong side of your work.


Next, slip them both back onto the left needle purl wise. Your right needle is empty.


To start your k2tog tbl you’re going to stick your right needle through the first two stitches on the left needle, going from right to left so that your right needle comes out the back of both stitches.


You’ll wrap your yarn around the needle the way you do for a knit stitch.


Pull it through.


Drop the old two stitches off. You now have 1 stitch on your right needle and have completed your k2tog tbl.


Knit the next stitch on the left needle and you'll have 2 stitches on your right needle.


Slip them both back onto the needle purl wise.


K2tog tbl again by bringing your right needle through those two stitches from right to left so that the right needle comes out the back of both stitches.


Wrap your yarn around for a knit stitch.


Pull it through and drop the two old stitches off.


You’ll continue you this pattern of knitting 1 stitch, slipping them both back over, k2tog tbl, all the way across. At the end you’ll have one stitch left that you pull the tail through as usual.


And you’re done!


We can't believe that we are going into our fourth month of the club already! As Thanksgiving approaches we’re thankful for our subscribers who’ve made this a success. Thank you!


This month’s shipment:


Reverb Shawl by Felicia Lo, featuring SweetGeorgia's Party of Five Gradient Mini-Skein sets.


On our quest for beautiful and interesting yarns to bring to our Kit Club Members, we were so excited to come across SweetGeorgia’s Party of Five Gradient Mini skeins! These are brand new to celebrate SweetGeorgia turning 10 years old this year and we’re happy to celebrate with them.


Felicia Lo started the company in 2005 at her dining room table in Vancouver, putting three skeins of her hand-dyed sock yarn for sale on Etsy. A long time knitter and crafter, Felicia took a detour at university into pharmaceutical sciences and then a career in web design and web development. She doesn’t consider any of this time wasted however, as both prepared her in their own way for her eventual destiny at SweetGeorgia.


Felicia isn’t just passionate about color, she’s obsessive. She believes that there’s a lot more to hand-dyed color than what you see, and that it can affect you in wonderful ways. She’s seen it happen in her own life over the years and the ups and downs of running SweetGeorgia. We love the stunning and saturated colors that she creates and the soft, luxurious feel of her yarns.


These Party of Five Gradient Mini skeins come in her most popular yarn, Tough Love Sock. It’s a real pleasure to feel in your hands as you knit it up. The yarn is paired with the Reverb Shawl, a pattern designed by Felicia to show off the color transitions to their best.


Also included in this shipment is a large Eden Bag from Della Q!


These bags are handmade in Vietnam and Della donates a portion of her profits Mekong Quilts, an organization that trains low-income and rural Vietnamese women in the art of quilting. Around this time of year you may be doing some extra traveling and your beautiful hand knits deserve to travel in style. Della’s bags are beautiful and big enough to carry a sweater or a baby blanket.


Next month the holiday season will be in full swing, and we’ll be sending out another great, hand-dyed project for you to enjoy! Sign-ups are live and open for December right now, so click here to join for only $44.95/month!

Welcome to the December Shipment of the Kitterly Kit Club! 

The holiday season is going strong and so is Kitterly Kit Club! For our December shipment we knew we wanted something sparkly and fun that our subscribers could enjoy during their holiday festivities.

What's in your December Kit Club?

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Welcome to the January Shipment of the Kitterly Kit Club!

It’s a brand new year! Those old projects and UFO’s of 2015 may be giving you the stink eye, but isn’t it time to cast on a new project? Throw the projects of the past in the closet until spring cleaning, because here’s the first Kit Club shipment of 2016! 

This month’s shipment:

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February this year is extra special -- because it’s a leap year we get a whole extra day of knitting at the end of the month! To keep you occupied we’re sending you a special Kit Club fit for the month that holds Valentine’s Day -- one that brings thoughts of romance, love and relationships!

This month’s shipment:

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Kitterly Dentado Scarf

Introducing one of the newest kits on Kitterly.com: the Dentado Scarf from Manos Del Uruguay!

When we first saw this scarf we loved almost everything about it, from the combination of vibrant colors to the fun zig-zag pattern that shows them off so well.


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Kitterly 5 Notions for Beginners

If you’ve never knit before you probably have never encountered knitting notions. Notions is a broad term for a variety of small tools and accessories that can be used while knitting. There are a lot of notions out there. A lot. In my years working at the yarn store I got used to the look new knitters gave the wall full of packets of notions.

“Do I need any of these?” they’d ask, clutching their yarn and set of needles and wondering what they got themselves into.

Thankfully you really don’t need many notions as a new beginner. In fact, there are only about 5 that most brand new knitters really need. Let me help you get started:

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Kitterly Original Lenticular Cowl

Remember those fun trading cards with the animated images that would shift and change depending on what angle you held them at? Turns out they’re called lenticular images, created by a printing method that combines at least two images to get that motion effect.

Our latest Kitterly original reminded us so much of these images that we had to call it the Lenticular Cowl! 

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