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Carina Spencer Small Things Romper Pattern

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Dificulty: Intermediate
Sizes Available:
NB: Garter Cuffs: 16" Chest

NB: Fold-over Mitts & Footies: 16" Chest

NB: Grow-With-Me Ribbed Cuffs: 16" Chest

NB: Eyelet Ruffle: 16" Chest

3M: Garter Cuffs: 17" Chest

3M: Fold-over Mitts & Footies: 17" Chest

3M: Grow-With-Me Ribbed Cuffs: 17" Chest

3M: Eyelet Ruffle: 17" Chest

6M: Garter Cuffs: 18" Chest

6M: Fold-over Mitts & Footies: 18" Chest

6M: Grow-With-Me Ribbed Cuffs: 18" Chest

6M: Eyelet Ruffle: 18" Chest

12M: Garter Cuffs: 19" Chest

12M: Fold-over Mitts & Footies: 19" Chest

12M: Grow-With-Me Ribbed Cuffs: 19" Chest

12M: Eyelet Ruffle: 19" Chest

18M: Garter Cuffs: 20" Chest

18M: Fold-over Mitts & Footies: 20" Chest

18M: Grow-With-Me Ribbed Cuffs: 20" Chest

18M: Eyelet Ruffle: 20" Chest

24M: Garter Cuffs: 21" Chest

24M: Fold-over Mitts & Footies: 21" Chest

24M: Grow-With-Me Ribbed Cuffs: 21" Chest

24M: Eyelet Ruffle: 21" Chest

2Y: Garter Cuffs: 22" Chest

2Y: Fold-over Mitts & Footies: 22" Chest

2Y: Grow-With-Me Ribbed Cuffs: 22" Chest

2Y: Eyelet Ruffle: 22" Chest

NB: Kimono Slvs w/Garter Cuff: 16 Chest

NB: Kimono Slvs w/Fold-over Mitts: 16 Chest

NB: Tapered Slv w/Grow-W-Me Ribbed Cuffs: 16 Chest

NB: Eyelet Ruffle Cuffs: 16 Chest

3M: Kimono Slvs w/Garter Cuff: 17 Chest

3M: Kimono Slvs w/Fold-over Mitts: 17 Chest

3M: Tapered Slv w/Grow-W-Me Ribbed Cuffs: 17 Chest

3M: Eyelet Ruffle Cuffs: 17 Chest

6M: Kimono Slvs w/Garter Cuff: 18 Chest

6M: Kimono Slvs w/Fold-over Mitts: 18 Chest

6M: Tapered Slv w/Grow-W-Me Ribbed Cuffs: 18 Chest

6M: Eyelet Ruffle Cuffs: 18 Chest

12M: Kimono Slvs w/Garter Cuff: 19 Chest

12M: Kimono Slvs w/Fold-over Mitts: 19 Chest

12M: Tapered Slv w/Grow-W-Me Ribbed Cuffs: 19 Chest

12M: Eyelet Ruffle Cuffs: 19 Chest

18M: Kimono Slvs w/Garter Cuff: 20 Chest

18M: Kimono Slvs w/Fold-over Mitts: 20 Chest

18M: Tapered Slv w/Grow-W-Me Ribbed Cuffs: 20 Chest

18M: Eyelet Ruffle Cuffs: 20 Chest

24M: Kimono Slvs w/Garter Cuff: 21 Chest

24M: Kimono Slvs w/Fold-over Mitts: 21 Chest

24M: Tapered Slv w/Grow-W-Me Ribbed Cuffs: 21 Chest

24M: Eyelet Ruffle Cuffs: 21 Chest

2T: Kimono Slvs w/Garter Cuff: 22 Chest

2T: Kimono Slvs w/Fold-over Mitts: 22 Chest

2T: Tapered Slv w/Grow-W-Me Ribbed Cuffs: 22 Chest

2T: Eyelet Ruffle Cuffs: 22 Chest


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Product Description


When our children were born we counted their toes and their fingers. We marveled at their tiny tummies and took note of their birthmarks. We noticed where they were normal and where they were different, and we treasured them all the same because they were ours and perfect in our eyes. We dressed them in soft cloth, and we snuggled for hours ( and hours and hours). In our minds we hold snapshots of these moments untouched by the present no matter how long ago our children were new: the eye gazing, the sleep smiles, the middle-of-the-nights alone together. Its the small things we remember, the small things we keep forever in our treasure chests, and its these same small things we hope to have the chance to pass on to our children when their children are new. "Small Things Romper" is a timeless design for babies knit from top down with a clever self-border edge and slipped stitch details. The pattern offers seven sizes (newborn up to 2 years) and four finishing styles including the option to make bunting-style, fold-over mitts and footies!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Carina Spencer
Pattern Designer Carina Spencer
Skill Level Intermediate
Pattern Subcategory Romper